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you can see live update there in the east bay hills along alhambra valley road towards pleasant hill and vine hill and concord where the best returns are now 60 from benicia to pleasant hill, walnut creek bond -- you will get ponding on the roads soon. moderate rain in the southern sections of marin from san rafael, tiburon towards san francisco, daly city. heavier rains for the morning commute. it is going to get harder to get around over the next hour. raining at the bay bridge, you bet. you can see headlights, light coming into the about now, wet conditions, no wind advisories, that's the nice news traveling into the city on the bridges or elsewhere skyline build "sig alert" issued, downed tree blocking both lanes, going to be a bit for calf
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trance gets that cleared. injury accident westbound 580 before lake shore, two right lanes blocked. 5:01. with this latest storm crews are looking out for for waterlogged trees that could fall in larkspur many crews have been working nonstop since the weekend trying to protect homes. friday massive oak fell on a woman's home in ross splitting her roof in two, luckily she wasn't hurt but her home of 60 years suffered major damage. terry mcsweeney will have a live report from cortamadera with more storm watch coverage in 30 minutes. similar scene in san mateo, the rain soaked soil proved to be too unstable to keep this tree upright. the mess it created at central park on el camino real yesterday downtown san mateo, massi cleanup, it blocked traffic for several hours.
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one person reported a minor injury. more rain concern in marin for some residents digging out after a small creek overflowed, one resident in the sleepy hollow section snapped pictures. six inches of mud covered his lawn and filled his pool four inches of water, ruined floors in two homes. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the storm any time on when weather hits your area, we want to see it. our photos. it -- it is raining hard in berkeley now making harder for police investigating who shot a bicyclist to death it happened near long fellow middle school near sacramento and ward streets where amy hollyfield joins us live with new information. >> reporter: the rain is coming down here in berkeley,
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it is raining hard, the investigators are still here, they are still looking for clues out here in the rain, we are the award and sacramento. they don't have much to go -- to go on, they've:here since 11:30 last night trying to find something. when police got here -- go here they didn't though they were dealing with a murder they heard a bicyclist was down they thought it was a crash. then they discovered the woman on the bike had been shot in the head. the lt. on the case tells me she did not have identification on her so they don't know who she is. he wouldn't speculate on her age. i asked for a range, teenager, elderly? he said somewhere in the middle. he didn't want to speculate any further. the coroner is now trying to figure out who she is. when police found her she was alone. they don't have suspects, they don't have witness. they've got quite a mystery
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trying to figure out who she is and who killed her and why? amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also a violent night in oakland, four people were injured in a shooting near lake merritt 10:30 last night at several locations around the 600 block of east 18th street. a witness heard shots around a liquor store in the area. one person was reported to be in critical condition. they say now all are in stable condition. investigators say they are looking for three suspects >> former commander of a contra costa county narcotics task force is expected to plead guilty today to drug charges. the attorney for norman well of says his client will -- admit to federal charges of conspire city to sell marijuana and meth. well -- welsh was caught in a sting operation february of last year he faces a minimum of 10 years.
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berkeley police trying to determine what caused a car to crash into a liquor store last night. the car slammed through the front entrance of the e-z market that was 9:30 last night a woman at store was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. developing economic news. it is positive for the struggling housing market. a report on california's economy shows a recovery that continues to plod along. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with analysis. >> reporter: for the last several years when home prices have have been in the news it has been bad, but not this morning. home prices are up, surged more than 6% in one year the biggest jump in six years. median price up $18,000 to $178,000, and california is one of the top 10 states where prices are rising the fastest. new this morning, anderson
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economic forecast from ucla is out, says housing improvements will help the state and california will continue to grow, but not as much as it used to. the forecast says the new tax revenues ungovernor brown's prop 30, will slow -- under governor brown's prop 30 will slow economic growth but not derail recovery. the jobless rate in california should average 10.5% by the end of the year. it should improve to 9.7% in 2013 and fall further to 8.4 in 2014. one other note of good news, u.s. banks seeing best profits in six years and are therefore leaning more freely. katie marzullo, -- lending more freely. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama speaks to business leaders this morning over how to avoid the fiscal
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cliff. currently no plans for congressional leaders to meet with the president at the white house. if no deal is reaped by year's end everyone's taxes will go up and massive cuts will take place, affecting defense and social spending. when we came in this morning, just mist and drizzle. >> i hardly had to use my wipers. that is changing for a lot of folks. >> it is. right now as you look at our roof cam, nice batch of light to moderate rain falling now over the embarcadero. not so heavy we can see the ferry building and the bay bridge enough that it is causing ponding on the embarcadero this morning that's what most of us are going to run into especially east bay highway 4 connects to 680 south of vine hill coming into concord pleasanton down
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to walnut creek latest update light to moderate rain especially overconcord and pleasant hill highway 4 bay point, pittsburg, antioch highway 4 commute which is usually treacherous any way is going to be wet. heavy rain starting towards san rafael, larkspur, mill valley, tiburon, sausalito and belvedere you will see your rain increase the next five to 10 minutes. offshore more powerful radar returns and more moderate rain heading for the heart of the bay, wet for all of us through 7:00, rain will turn to showers by 4:00, light showers by 4:00 to 7:00, showers fade overnight and we'll have a stretch of dry weather thursday through saturday. golden gate bridge it is raining and you are down to four lanes southbound shouldn't say down to, two in
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the northbound direction, wet, windshield wipers needed and fog over the waldo grade light commute san mateo bridge from hayward, clawiter, no rain. serious problems oakland where raining hard northbound 880 at 7th pick up and big rick in accident blocking right lane -- big rig -- waze app showing 580 accident one of our traffic spotters sent an interesting picture of bumper-to-bumper traffic you can see tail lights stopped near the accident at lake shore once again slow in the area. to navigate rain and commute pick up this free app at get information there or download it at the apple app store or google play >> 5:10.
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next, the search for a grinch who stole more than christmas outside a southern california art shop. the new mobile app that could make your search for parking easier. a story only on abc7 news. we are on storm watch. you are looking at live doppler showing you radar returns of moderate rain, some heavy in the bay area, north bay areas especially. mike has the latest l ñ
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plan on using the wipers on this wet morning. if you look carefully you can see the droplets landing on the lens as we show you the embarcadero. more weather and traffic coming up. police say an autistic girl was kidnapped and repeatedly rape. she wandered away a youth center november 27th. the staff tells us by law they could not stop her they lost track of her at the fruitvale bart station the man grabbed her, took her to his home in san francisco then raped her over several days. place arrested 36-year-old gary atkinson sunday. prosecutors have charged him
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with performing lewd acts upon a child and rape of an incompetent person. >> this is by far, one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career as a police officer that someone as mr. atkinson, can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> the girl eventually escaped and she being praised for her bravery. who would steal a salvation army kettle? that's what police in san diego are trying to figure out. a thief walked way with a kettle filled with more than $300 in donations. police say the kettle ringer turned away for a second to help someone when the kettle was stolen. the money was supposed to be used to help 2,000 children and their families. finding a parking spot in downtown san mateo can be easier if you download a new app. the company spent years developing this sensor detects whether a space is empty.
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san francisco started installing them two years ago, now san mateo and san carlos have partnered with cisco to roll them out with a free mobile app, it acts like raider guiding you to the block with the most open spots. >> you can take parking time from 20 minutes to five minutes, you are going to dramatically reduce the number of cars on the streets itch >> it is much cheaper to -- efficiently manage your parking inventory than building new facilities. >> they have other big plans, soon they hope to build smart radar directly into cars and navigation systems. you're familiar with parking -- >> yeah i would like them to work on where the best deals are next. >> i'm sure would you. weather is free and here it is more free rain even though
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it is too much of a good thing. this is our fourth system, berkeley this morning, sacramento and ward streets, you can see it is coming down at a moderate clip there make sure you have the wet weather gear there. might be good to work from home hopefully you have classes later in the day. it will taper later. live doppler 7 hd, what we are going to see is heaviest and best returns in contra costa county moving into the eastern sections of concord, treat boulevard, ignacio valley road, walnut creek, willow pass road starting to see heavy bailey road heading to bay point, pittsburg towards antioch be prepared, highway 4 corridor is going to be a tough go.
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san rafael, larkspur, tiburon, mill valley, heavy rain starting to move back into your neighborhoods. a lot of yellow even orange lurking offshore not only in san francisco but marin county coast coming in for the morning commute that's the wave we talked about yesterday going to hook-up with the front and intensify the rain during the morning commute, it is just about on schedule i am you know how often that happens weather-wise this is coming -- at us through the morning commute only going to get harder to get around the next couple of hours, mid 50s santa rosa, low 60s fremont, mountain view, livermore and san francisco. mid 50s monterey bay and inland. rain this morning, showers this afternoon foggy the income couple of nights, brighter and drier the next couple of days, the next 10 to 14 days. here's the wave and front that is going to take the better part of the morning to move
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through. light to moderate rain through the lunch hour and then scattered showers for the afternoon and evening hours, maybe a lingering shower or two until 2, 3 in the morning by tomorrow's morning commute everything is starting to clear, fog will fade, partly sunny towards thursday afternoon clear during the evening hours which will lead to more fog. up to an inch around the bay and inch and a half north bay. by tomorrow a lot of sunshine, 50s for the game. temperatures below average dry friday through tuesday. be careful this morning. live shot of east shore freeway 80 westbound, some sort of accident activity before university, big gap of traffic looks like chp has stopped traffic before university with an accident possible injuries involved.
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reports of eastbound at gilman the opposite direction, possibly two accidents in that area and it is heavy rain in the richmond area as you make your way towards berkeley. once again 80 westbound wale follow this, big gap with an accident. -- back to san pablo dam road reports of an accident farther east, rain causing havoc this morning for your commute. oakland west 580 before lake shore injury accident. back to our waze app showing you folks getting off of 580 taking fruitvale avenue to the -- the accident is not blocking all lanes on 580, just two lanes, folks getting off to head towards the 880 freeway on fruitvale. you can download in app free on google play or the app store and navigate your morning commute. happening now in louisiana, small town under he following discovery of improperly stored explosives.
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six million pounds located in buildings near shreveport, the buildings are connected -- [ unintelligible ] police found the corridors stuffed with explosives, including a -- [ unintelligible ] voluntary evacuation orders are in effect for a town of 800 people through friday. new numbers show women are making inroads in the legal and medical fields. in 2010, women had just over 33% of all legal jobs. up from 29% in the year 2000 in the medical field, women had just over 32% of those jobs in 2010. up from 26% in 2000. researchers say the progress of women in these fields follow increase in college enrollment. harvard law was closed to women until 1950.
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today on katie miss america contestant opens about her decision to have a double mastectomy. >> some suggested she is trying to get the sympathy vote, have people feel sorry for her so that will give her a leg-up in the miss universe pageant. first of all that must feel horrible. secondly what do you think of those comments? >> something you have to take with a grain of salt. any time you put yourself out there, you put yourself in public light you are open for scrutiny. this isn't something that i put out. i didn't issue a press relace. that's katie at 3:00 this afternoon, right here on abc 7. next, saved by the bell! do you recognize this man in the video? >> yes, i do. >> vintage performance by 49er coach jim harbaugh. >> you gave it away >> but there's more.
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the [ inaudible ] we are on storm watch, you are looking at live doppler showing another wave of rain the yellow is heavy moving in again from offshore towards the bay, san francisco, north bay getting rain. the rest of us will get wet soon too.
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welcome back. antioch highway 4 corridor where we are seeing moderate to heavy rain. richmond san rafael bridge
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light to moderate rain heading towards hercules and richmond uptick in your rain the income hour this is starting to train the front stall that means we are seeing echoes roll over the same area more than once two or three times this morning that's going to lead to ponding on the roads, especially when next batch moves in over the next half hour or so. watch out in the north bay and along the peninsula, heavier rain on the way. serious problem both directions of 80 through richmond and berkeley, lights eastbound before gilman traffic stopping there due to accident there and in the westbound direction here more flashing lights chp doing a traffic break. some of the traffic is getting by westbound towards the macarthur maze. two separate accidents on 80 both east and westbound and on westbound 80 san pablo dam red that accident blocking all lanes.
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-- treacherous drive give yourself lots of time. 5:26. one of the giants' most important players in the world series will remain in orange and black next year. last night giants agreed on three year, 20 middle deal with marco execute row. he joined the giants in -- -- marco -- he was named the n -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] there's a fun clip of 49ers head coach hard bow making the rounds on the in-- hard bow making the rounds on -- [ unintelligible ]
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>> at the time of the show harbaugh was quarterback of the colts. >> 90s hair he looks much the same. raiders day begins today with special pregame edition at 6:30. tomorrow larry biel hosting a special pregame show at 4 p.m., lincoln kennedy and rod woodson will join us for that. at 5 coverage of the game begins live. once the game is over, larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game. then it is abc programming: 5:28. early, early tailgaters getting wet now.
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doppler tracking latest storm another batch offshore starting to move into the bay area, conditions are going to get wetter. your morning commute could be tough. we check in with mike and sue coming up. north bay storm weary neighbors. we are back with
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good morning. 5:31. waking up to yet another storm in the bay area. >> it is wet out there right now in spots not just the north bay but especially there. let's check in with mike. good morning. here's a look at live doppler, giving you the picture of the entire bay area front is stalling as it moves across
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the bay area because of this wave that is developing the wave we talked about yesterday that was going to bring us the best chance of steady rain during the morning commute. richmond district to the financial district, in san francisco, moderate rain now this is moving across the golden gate to sausalito, tiburon, moving across richmond san rafael bridge towards san pablo, richmond, richmond parkway up to hercules, still have heavier rain antioch heading towards oakley and berkeley. couple of serious problems, due to the rain. the blurry shot because of the rain 80 west and eastbound. eastbound gilman right lane blocked. westbound 80 before university flashing lights here too, one lane blocked, headlights getting by, traffic getting by but slow both decks of 80. 80 westbound san pablo -- dam
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roadblocked. westbound 24 approaching the caldecott at wild lanes of traffic blocked with an accident there. busy morning and lots of wet roads. 5:32. let's see what effect the rain is having on the commute, especially in the north bay. terry mcsweeney is live in cortamadera along lucky drive where standing water is causing a problem. >> reporter: the water is up, trees are down and power is out, more than 900 pg&e customers in san rafael without power this morning looking for the cause of that trying to get a grip. it has been raining here on and off since 6:00 last night in marin county on highway 101 northbound this is the -- just before the sir francis drake boulevard exit, the number 1 lane is okay, number 2 lane funky, number 3 lane, very
5:33 am
bad. look at what i'm talking about. we just drove this an hour and 15 minutes ago. the situation remain the same. even if your lane is okay, the lane next to you not so good and a truck can spray you and blind you. i've seen people slowing to 30 miles an hour to go through it, others 70 miles an hour, you never know, drive defensively, cliche but comes in handy. another problem, downed trees all over the bay area, expected to continue today the ground saturated larkspur in marin crews removing potentially damaging branches friday a branch came down and smashed into a house. what was the noise like? >> so horrible. >> trees leaning, people are concerned. i'm getting calls, going out and look and hopefully mitigating potential hazards.
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>> reporter: one of the arborists dealing with the mess here had been back dealing with the mess after superstorm sandy on the east coast, came here for a few days he's going back there because there is much more to do there he says he will come back here when the next storm hits which hopefully will be a few days from now. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. crews in the santa cruz mountains hope to have one lane open on vine hill road today a section of the road collapsed after recent storms you can look here vine hill road is an escape route for santa cruz in case of an emergency evacuation fixing the entire road will take one month. in san francisco department of public works preparing for more rain crews answered 40 calls to clear trees and latch -- and large branches during last sunday's storm since then they've been checking vulnerable trees and clearing catch basins.
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>> stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage you can track the storm any time with live doppler at if you take any good weather photos or video we want to see it, them to ureport. violent night in three bay area cities where shootings have killed two and injured four. a bicyclist shot and killed in berkeley was a woman. identify received a 911 call before midnight and found that woman dead near ward and sacramento behind longfellow middle school. officers are still on the scene now, more in a live report from amy hollyfield in the next half hour. developing news out of oakland, four injured after shooting near lake merritt it happened 10:30 last night, 300 of east 18th street. four victims were shot at
5:36 am
several locations one person was reported to be in critical, all are now said to be in stable condition. investigators say they are looking for three suspects. in san francisco police investigating fatal shooting in hayes valley last night a man was found on grove street before 8:00 last night he was taken to the hospital where he later died. detectives so far have not released a motive. this morning a man and woman from morgan hill are facing charges in a bizarre kidnapping and assault of a handyman. the sheriff's office says a 50-year-old handy hand was forced to perform repair work for almost seven hours monday, 36 year say jason jesus and a woman threatened him and made him work at their home there. was a dispute over work he had done for the relative of one of the suspects. >> we are going to kill you if you don't do what we tell you.
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out of fear and the unknown. >> authorities say the suspects forced the handyman to drive to a chevron in san jose on their way to make him finish work at the other home them say when at accused kidnappers went inside to buy snacks the handyman escaped and called police. suspects were arrested a short time later. search resumes in the sierra foothills for a couple feared caught in the storm. a man and his girlfriend had been visiting friends in sacramento left to go home to nevada during thursday's stormy weather and haven't been seen since. volunteers are searching in the snow for signs of the couple or their car. rescue crews and volunteers will continue the search today on foot and using off road vehicles. diving the sierra could be dangerous -- driving in the see area could be dangerous
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again today. -- >> driving around here may not be that easy. >> winter weather advisory for lake tahoe until 10:00 this morning for snow levels 7,000 feet but will rise during the morning and snow level will climb above that 7,000 that's why you don't need chains now. moderate to heavy rain along western sections of contra costa county up eight a richmond parkway interest hercules, shamrock drive, san pablo, also out towards castro ranch road, going to travel across four and alhambra and head towards 680 same areas are seeing waves of light to moderate rain crossing 80 from the bay bridge, the toll plaza getting good rain now into san francisco across the golden gate bridge towards
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sausalito. you can see the heavier rain that wave is definitely kicking up oranges, moderate to possibly heavy rain heading for the heart of the bay and it will will be here over the next half hour to hour and a half. good news, with this heavier rain winds are fairly light. hopefully, we won't have much in the way of trees toppling. today 60s,. busy due to the rain, back to 80, both directions eastbound at gilman you can see flashing lights westbound before you university. both decks of 80, cars getting by -- both directions of 80, car getting by, getting more jammed as we go. 80 westbound san pablo dam road accident right lane getting by, all lanes were blocked temporarily there. westbound 580 drivers near lake shore oakland that
5:40 am
accident cleared. west 24 approaching cal cut, slow traffic due to accident -- right lane, "sig alert" in san francisco, accident blocking right lane leaving san francisco south 101 at silver. 5:40. neighbors living in the shadow of a refinery face the possibility of losing a fire station. next, the decision they fear will put their safety at risk. san francisco police unveil new tool to fight crime. how everyone can become a crime fighter
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this is rain in san francisco. good morning. 5:43. traffic moving okay the roads are wet. we'll tell you -- [ inaudible ] contra costa county supervisors have delayed a vote on proposed closure of four fire stations in the east bay because of a lack of funding. last month voters turned didn't a measure that would have saved stations in lafayette, walnut creek, clayton and martinez. fires say closures would
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affect response times to areas around the stations. many people the closures are inevitable because the district feeds to shutdown two stations by next july to save money -- one to two stations will need to be closed by july 2014 >> you don't have to get a badge to be a crime fighter in san francisco. new program by the police department is counting on the public and social media to solve cases it is called the line-up. each week a piece of surveillance video is featured with the hope that someone looking in will recognize a criminal. this week's offering shows a stun gun assault on polk street caught last month. we have a link to the san francisco police website at under see it on tv. verizon wants to know more about what you do in your living room. >> here's jane king. watch for changes in job benefits, companies considering dropping health insurance for millions because
5:45 am
by 2014 it may be cheaper to pay government fines under the new law. the study indicates the majority will continue to offer health care to lure and retain employees. meat lovers, steak prices a go higher. ranchers move to rebuild herds after thinning them out during this year's drought. verizon's patent request for a dvr that can hear and see what you are up to at home. the system would allow verizon to send ads taylored to customers' -- taylored to customers' interest. comcast up to something similar a the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. if you see a purse or shopping bag unattended at the mall, do the right thing. police in manchester, new hampshire set up an
5:46 am
unusual sting to make sure shoppers stay honest. they've been leaving a cash-filled purse and bag with dvd player outside stores to see finders return them, which is the law there. officers say most had been returning the ups. the few who didn't were arrested after putting their finds in their cars. >> law to be a good person. >> i set up a trap like that for my kids with candy, i won't name names, one ate the candy the other came to ask if they could eat the candy. [ laughing ] >> we'll get you a good lawyer call us. let's look outside, rain has gotten heavier in berkeley, moderate to heavy now as we've been showing you on live doppler, sacramento and ward streets where we are seeing some of the rain now, some of the ponding on the roadway.
5:47 am
let's look at live doppler you can see we've been following this one shower that has moved from stinson beach now exiting oakley and brentwood heading into the central valleys. you can see, look at that moderate to heavy from the east bay hills contra costa county out to the east bay shore down to alameda across the bay bridge into san francisco down to daly city and colma now heaviest of the rain knocking on our beaches now going to who have across the bay area over the next hour the heart of the bay is going to get very wet some in the south bay lighter but you are going to get your rain. stepping out in the mid 50s to low 60s around the bay and mid 50s around the monterey bay and inland very mild morning another storm comes at us from the west it is going to be
5:48 am
rainy during the morning hours, showers for the afternoon, foggy the next couple of nights, brighter and drier days ahead, through the end of the forecast. here's that wave we talked about yesterday, coming in and energizing the system in the heart of the morning rush hour which is the next hour or to hour and a half. yellows and oranges, even some of that passes into the south bay during the latter parts of the morning. by noon, scattered showers, those will continue during the afternoon and early evening hours when you think it is going to be dry maybe one or two try to pop overnight by tomorrow morning you can see we are starting to clear out fog will be forming and then we'll have sunshine thursday afternoon. still holding on to the same totals we've been talking about, half inch in the south bay, possibly inch around the bay into the east bay up to inch and a half north bay. tailgating is wet now, not tomorrow the game will be in
5:49 am
the 50s under a partly cloudy sky, cooler but dry and sunny friday through the weekend into next week. a lot going on busy morning with the rain you can see blurry on our camera east shore freeway because of the rain we have this accident still in the westbound direction before university you can see blinking lights traffic getting by but it is very slow eastbound at gilman an accident there too tougher to see those red tail lights are slowing as you approach that scene due to the rain here a lot of wet roads "sig alert" in san francisco south 101 at silver blocking two lanes as you leave the city westbound 80 san pablo dam road accident for a time blocking all lanes one lane giving by very slow now approaching caldecott west 24 at wilder accident blocking two lanes. quick look at our waze app san pablo dam road accident 80 westbound that red line means
5:50 am
stopped traffic as it is squeaking by on the right hand lane and shoulder due to this serious injury accident. to navigate your commute this is a great way, absolutely free on the app store or google play. it is the waze app. 5:50. new out of the philippines this morning, government officials say the death toll from a powerful typhoon stands at more than 200 people. officials fear many more bodies could be found as rescuers reach areas that have been cut off by the storm. typhoon bopha slam add into the region yesterday destroying homes and -- triggering flash floods, 66 villagers and soldiers drowned. the government says scores are still missing. controversial photo on the front page of the "new york post" is sparking debate on whether it should have been published this picture was taken moments before ki-suck han was hit and
5:51 am
killed there. is criticism on why the photographer didn't put his camera down to help the victim. the photographer says he took the picture from far way, hoping the driver would see his camera flash. new york city police say the man who pushed mr. han on to the tracks has implicated himself. witnesses describe him as a mentally disturbed man and bothering passengers and the victim was trying to stop him. 5:51. beverage inspired by a reggae legend is pulled from a school. what happened to students after they drank it. two new bay area communities that will be
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
. welcome back. this afternoon the evening commute just scattered showers temperatures will top out in the low to mid 60s no matter where you travel through the central part of the state into the southern sections you are going to run into wet weather today as far south as fresno a little farther south san diego 67, l.a. 70. tahoe we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning because the snow level is down to 6500 feet, the snow level will be rising this morning. several problems east and westbound 80 east shore freeway westbound you can see
5:55 am
the blinking lights traffic getting by at the left lane blocked eastbound tail lights at gilman also blocking a lynn there. san francisco "sig alert" cleared -- southbound 101 leaving the city, accident west san pablo dam road on 80 cleared that should be improving your drive. westbound 24 at wilder accident still blocking two lanes. new accident west 280 at -- >> school in new jersey being forced to remove a bob marley branch drink from its lunchroom after several students became ill. the drink is called marley's mellow mood. it contains chamomile and natural sedative the label says it is not inend -- intended for children but students bought it on campus. food service manager at the school is suspended while officials investigate why the drink was being sold. city of san carlos will
5:56 am
hold a community meeting to see how people feel about possible plastic bag ordinance it could go into effect in april. yesterday mountain view joined 24 other san mateo county and santa clara county cities in banning plastic bags the ban affects retail businesses that sell clothing, food or personal items non-profits exempted. paper bags will be able to purchase for 10 cents a pete. maker of a san francisco favorite treat adding new location. new restaurant opens at sunnyvale shopping center tomorrow on sunnyvale saratoga road the first 100 in line, will get free fresh sour bow -- sourdough bread everyday for a year.
5:57 am
next, we are back on storm watch. the fourth system to hit in a week has arrived. mike is tracking the rain with live doppler. >> also, back on-the-job, late night deal ending the strike that crippled two of the nation's largest ports. new expansion plans just
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